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Rosie 1

This was Rosie, my 13 yr old dog who passed away a few years back.  She was quite a character. Feisty little old lady.

She had been brought up with a couple who had her from birth. The lady passed away and then the fellow passed on and no one wanted her, because she wasn’t any good with children and she was just an old dog. She became a rescue dog at my niece’s place.  My niece is a dog groomer and she rescues pets on the side. I needed company and I adopted her from there, sometime after my husband passed away.

She was indeed great company for me. She was there to pet and to play with, to take for walks so that I’d be out of the house and meeting people. She was my companion on trips. She was not allowed on my bed, much to her disgust and dismay. She had probably slept in bed with her humans all of her life. It took much discipline to train her out of that one, but she loved that we could nap together on my living room couch during the day. That was just “Ah, HEAVEN!” for her, and comforting for me.

She really was just too funny sometimes. I remember how she would come over to me and contort her mouth and voice around the word “OUT” every day, until I would finally get the message from the close approximation and let her OUT!

I sure miss my Rosie, but I’m not allowed pets where I live now. The best I can do is offer to walk the rescue dogs my niece has in her home, which is always fun to do. I feel like I am helping somehow. The activity, and having company on a walk, helps me out too. A bit of therapy for me and the dog I pick to walk.

Just thinking about her today……

Here she is again 🙂

Rosie 2

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