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The Pain of a Mom

  A Mom’s Hurt A mom cares The child rejects The heart hurts Who dares? ~ Darts are fired Wounds are deep Tears fall The story tired ~ I do … Continue reading

July 18, 2015 · 3 Comments


Originally posted on Ann's Corner:
God still delivers……. God is still into deliverance…… I had a bout with depression, and God delivered me in an unmistakable way. I just…

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If Ever

If Ever If ever I liked you It was when you smiled And your eyes caught mine And held If ever I wanted you It was when we touched And … Continue reading

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Love Grows Old

Love Grows Old When love grows old And worn around the edges It is like a book well read And every page committed to memory Known and treasured But sometimes… … Continue reading

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David I hardly knew him. We sat on the beach At the party Exchanging small talk. I liked his gentle smile. He brought me a bunch of ferns As if … Continue reading

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A Woman

A Woman Into the calm of this morning There is not even a pebble To ripple the surface Of the waters of my mind I feel at peace with my … Continue reading

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Balderdash Big headed, bull mouthed lout Full of self importance Barging through the china shop of my mind Shattering my priceless, fragile ego With his cold and cutting “observations”. The … Continue reading

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Guard Thy Lips

Guard Well Thy Lips The following poem, each line of which is based upon a verse of Scripture, was sent in by Mrs. Annabeth Cartwright of River Forest, Illinois. She … Continue reading

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Prison to Poetry

This really spoke to me. I’m glad there were subtitles, though I could figure out some of it. The body might well be captive but the soul can soar into … Continue reading

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A Journey With My Mom, #1

A Journey With My Mom, #1 This is a bit of a difficult write for me, as it’s very emotional, but I really want to share these experiences, which can … Continue reading

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